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l'anomalie de l'amour unilateral

rideaux et portes fermées


That night

That one night

You remember, that night


I cried

I cried

I cried


The dark was indulging silent sadness

And in the silence, I heard, your voice

All tenderness dissolved


Just all

Both "l'anomalie de l'amour unilateral" and "rideaux et portes fermées" talk about a type of love that it is not healthy - a heavy theme, referring to a love that can be hurtful, delusional, deceitful. A common theme is love; represented by the lips integrated in both paintings. 

Anomalie combines love with an abstract illustration of closed windows and doors (i.e. beige circle) that evaporate as possibilities fade. Rideaux is a more literal interpretation by assembling closed doors and windows, representing the facade behind which bitter truth is hidden.

Acrylics, 50x70 cm. 

Acrylics, 18x24 cm. 

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