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balade sur la profondeur de l'incertitude

la piscine


"Balade" is based on a photograph taken in the Atacama desert in Chile. It represents the Lagunas Escondidas de Baltinache, a collection of magnificent ice-cold salt lakes in the midst of the arid desert. Balancing between hot and cold feels like balancing between uncertainty and confidence, anxiety and trust, contentment and despair. We draw our own lines while we gently work on the borders. The lake was painted by hand (literally) to create a sense of fluidity, and mixed with a slight hint of pointillism.

While Balade is overwhelming, "La piscine" is marked by a sense of simplicity. It nevertheless questions us in its minimalism. What happened in this pool? Where are the people? All is absent in this pool.

Acrylics, 100x140 cm. 
Acrylics, 30x40 cm. 

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