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une bulle de mots qui explode

As I got hit by emotions, like a wave of color that spread itself deep in my body, lingering in a soft spot where no solace exists, and triumphantly bursting its way out, stream of words, chaos of trouble, but the truth, nothing but the raw truth, finding its path into the outspoken.

"Une bulle de mots qui explode" is built through improvisation with a technique named acrylic pouring, mixing various textures of paint ranging from ink, thinned acrylics, solid acrylics and gouache. It reflects the artist's handwriting by combining an abstract shape (the "bulle") with a figurative element, a face.

The layers of color in "bulle" refer to the diversity of words that find their expression.  This word vomit explodes and finds its own configuration and shape.

Acrylics, Ink, 70x90. 

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