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mon corps, couvert par des couches d'océan

As the heat was too hot to move, we ended up in the pool again, there was a dj playing, and the pool had almost tripled in volume of people - and I had always imagined pool parties as a raving splashing crowd, but people kept their cool in the cooled pool. There were two bachelorettes going on. There was a gay guy with a turban. There were blonde girls with fake lips and fake tan. There was a drunk girl that almost dropped her drink in my purse. There was a rich guy that jumped in the pool with his wallet in his pocket, and 20 and 50 dollar bills gently floated in the pool. 

"Mon corps couvert par des couches d'océan" depicts alienation, water, and bodies, and talks about how we sometimes cover up on what we truly feel underneath. Our body contains an ocean of thoughts that too often remain undiscovered, or too difficult to uncover. 

The origin of the painting is clearly collage: the various components and textures feel assembled, but are glued together by a transparent shell of resin. The fluidity of the resin layer makes clear allusion to water, but also covers the heart of the painting with something shallow and almost superficial, compared to the depth of the layers, but also hard and strong, that makes the content underneath difficult to reach.

The painting is built up from multiple layers of acrylics, and was covered by two layers of epoxy resin - of which the last layer was only very thinly applied, to accidentally create a water-like feel. 

Acrylics and resin, 30x40 cm. 
Contact if interested.

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