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homme, délirant

femme, nocturnale

The night brought strange thoughts and dazing drunkness, as the desert sun started setting, the cocktails hit us hard. The rays of sun were creeping behind the mountains, illuminating the valley, until all sunlight disappeared, and suddenly it became slightly chilly, even in the desert, so we moved to the heated bubble bath which was lighting up our faces in the complete dark as we started talking.

Homme, délirant talks about love and passion, and how the male mind can be torn between both. The image is created with a mix of pointillism and acrylic pouring.

Femme, nocturnale represents basic female power. There are a million things ongoing in her mind, but she keeps her calm and her "fuck you"-attitude.
Acrylics, 120 x 100 cm.
Acrylics, 90 x 70 cm, €590.

Contact if interested.

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