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l'espace de notre rêve s'étend autour de la lune

la mélancholie omniprésente qui consume nos intestins

Drinking melancholia from a glass

Then the whole bottle of wine

While looking at Mars

Who was lurking behind the sun

Reducing us to the irrelevance

We were in our fixed shapes

[Translated from Gert Vanlerberghe's Melancholia]

"Espace de notre rêve" was painted very fast; within one day of collaging, painting, and finishing up, the painting was created, but it soon took over many hearts, including mine. It has since long taken a place in my living room. The subject of the painting is an abstraction of dreams, and how shapes reside within our mind.

"Melancholia" took some more time, and lived through a few transformations. Melancholia refers to how our thoughts can consume us at times, how they take away our face, our being, our dignity. The painting is currently covered by a layer of resin.

Acrylics, 50x70. € 490

Acrylics, resin, 50x70. € 490

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