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regarder, pas toucher
je ne fais que regarder

Chloë x Mel

There was the image of a woman, dancing in the reflection of the moonlight deep in the dark. We talked and connected in our hearts of hearts. I believed it, I lived it, I breathed it, I was indulging myself in her phrases. 

These two works are created through the collaboration of Mel Lucy Bruneel and Chloë Nuñez-Garcia. 
Chloë met Mel Lucy at her art show but both knew each other from Instagram, as most starting artists in Antwerp did, vaguely knowing each other’s signature style and name.
“Let’s make art together!” Mel proposed that evening, after showing her vibrant paintings and female characters in bright yellow, red and cyan hues, which thematically aligned with Chloë's. Their color palettes were cohesive, and painting techniques complementary – while Mel was the master in color, Chloë was more into the figurative – hence we challenged each other by walking the boundaries of our comfort zones.

Rgerader, pas toucher, 2021. Oil on linen canvas, 60 x 50 cm. 
Je ne fais que regarder, 2021. Oil on linen cavas, 60 x 50 cm. 

Contact if interested.

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