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le plus grand splash en couleur

I spoke in colors as

Bodies linger

Trembling oblivion

How it interfered my mind

I breathed and dazed

While the hours passed



bulles 2.jpg

une bulle de mots qui explode


i spent a night in palm springs

take a walk around the city at night

strange bodies strange sights

the night shift exploded

new words broke free

new thoughts came to mind

as the unborn disappeared

creatures came to life

Femmes en couleur.png

femmes en couleur

Splash 4.jpg

in my dreams i was running through corridors in a house with wooden floors and high ceilings, almost like an infinite version of that house of mine, infinite but empty - all furniture had disappeared, all feeling of habitation, all emotions.

i trapped myself driving around suburbs at night, gazing at empty lid living rooms, empty, but filled with life, with light, wondering why i didn't possess this full life, why those empty corridors of mine, why.

poolside splash



mon âme1.jpg
mon âme2.jpg
mon âme3.jpg

mon rêve se trouve au fond du lac - [details of a sold painting made on commission]


mon corps couvert par des couches d'océan

i am drawn to shapes and textures, 

while bringing images together to let their colors speak


ma main se perd au bout de l'ocean - [SOLD]

untitled - [SOLD]


la vie est plastique

échange de bulles dans l'extraterrestre

échange de bulles dans la longitude de l'extraterrestre - [SOLD]

l'espace de notre rêve s'étend

autour de la lune

chloë nuñez-garcia
antwerp-based visual artist

past exhibitions
Paper walls, fragmented dreams at OPEK, Leuven, November 2018
Lost parts at Warrecords, March 2019
La mélancholie omniprésente qui consume mes intestins at Sterckshof, March 2019
Organic bodies at Museumnacht, August 2019
Organic bodies at Garden of eden, Zomerfabriek, August 2019
Overview expo at Pekfabrik, December 2019
Overview expo at Who's afraid of red yellow & blue - January 2020
kn0w_y0ur_self, Sablon d'Art - January 2020
Femmes en couleur at Antwerp Art Weekend,  De Studio, May 2021
Open atelier at Borgerart, September 2021
NIGHTSHIFT at Co Nova, December 2021
FACES at Pekfabrik, December 2021
Le plus grand splash en couleur at S.M.A.K., May 2022

for commissions or inquiries: 

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